Summer Flavors

The sun is shining, the temperatures are rising, and the days are getting longer. No question about it—summer is on the way! As we enter the warmer months, there are certain things we start to crave. Pools and beaches have become much more appealing, and we start looking through our wardrobes for shorts and tank tops. We also start craving classic summer flavors and treats. But, there's nothing better than a boozy slushie on a hot summer day. Make your pool party, beach vacation or any hot summer day better with the perfect drink.

Each season has certain flavors associated with it (think pumpkin spice in fall or peppermint in winter). Summer is a great time of year for fresh, sweet flavors that remind us of all the joy that we experience in summer months. In this blog, we’ll talk about all of those tasty flavors and how you can enjoy summer sweetness with Nectar of the Vine wine cocktails.

Classic Summer Fruit Flavors

Summer is a season full of bounty and fresh ingredients. It’s the time of year when most fruits grow, and so summer flavors have an inherent sweetness to them. People also like having refreshing flavors during the summer, since the weather can be so warm. Fruits provide that fresh taste and work well in summer cocktails.

Summer is a great time to also use fresh fruits and produce. You can support local businesses and farms by going to your neighborhood farmer’s market to get the most out of summer flavors while helping support the planet and your community. So go out and enjoy your summer flavors and all the health benefits they provide!

Below are some of the most recognizable summer fruit flavors and details about what makes them so special for us.


One of the most iconic fruits of the summer is the blueberry. They even have their own special month of recognition in July. Blueberries are perfect for eating raw or adding to pies, fruit salads, and preserves. They have a sweet and tart flavor that bursts into your mouth as you eat them. They also have anti-oxidative properties that make them a great heart-healthy snack!


While some might consider apples more of a fall fruit, they do have their season in summer as well. As a late-summer harvest, apples are great for helping us celebrate summer to the last minute. They are also incredibly healthy. After all, the phrase “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” didn’t come from nowhere. Apples have fiber and antioxidants that can help lower the risk of certain diseases.


Many of us have happy summer memories of picking blackberries as children. These berries grow wild all across the United States, particularly in the Northeast and the Midwest. They are incredibly sweet and are delicious all summer long. Their distinctive juices also make for beautiful treats when drizzled on top of ice cream and pancakes. They also have plenty of vitamin and mineral benefits.


Another great summer fruit are cherries. Cherries have a very tart flavor, and even come in sour varieties. They are delicious to eat alone and stand up well to baking. Just be sure to watch out for the pits! Cherries are filled with potassium and vitamin C, making them very healthy snacks. They can be found all over the country in June and July, and even earlier in sunny states like California.


Lemons are the perfect fruit to represent summer. Lemonade is such a classic summer drink we often forget to celebrate where it comes from. Lemons aren’t naturally sweet, but have a beautiful, refreshing citrus flavor. The entire lemon can be used to add flavor and acid to cooking and baking all summer long, from adding juices to your pastas and marinades to shaving the rind as a garnish over your fresh salads and veggies.


A mango is another example of a tropical fruit that has its place in summer treats. This sweet, sticky fruit is absolutely delicious on its own or in combination with other fruits. You can even pair it with spicy foods in the form of a delicious mango salsa. Mangos are high in key vitamins like Vitamin A and Vitamin C, making them a great snack for heart disease prevention.


Another beautifully sweet summer fruit is the peach. Peaches have their season from May through July, and grow all over the country, although they are most well-known in Georgia. Peaches are great eaten fresh off the tree, but also work well in fresh salads and even baked tarts and pies. They have a beautiful natural sweetness, and the skin is filled with healthy vitamins and minerals.


Strawberries are one of the most heart-healthy foods you can eat, and summer is the best time for eating them. While some stores offer them year round, nothing compares to the fresh juices and beautiful sweet and tart flavor that a fresh strawberry has during its peak season. Strawberries grow in late spring and early summer, making them a great treat for the first summer months.


Rounding out the list of summer berries, raspberries also have their time to shine during summer. They are available all summer in the Southern states, but can be found in the Northeast and Midwest throughout the summer as well. Raspberries have a more tart flavor than other berries, and pair well with savory snacks like granola or trail mix. Just make sure you don’t get scratched if you go picking on your own!


One of the most iconic summer fruits has to be the humble watermelon. These beautiful fruits have a green rind and pink center that makes them instantly recognizable. The sweet and juicy interior is delicious on its own, or in fruit salads. You can even marinate it with other flavors to make a unique summer treat. These late-summer fruits remind us all of sitting on the back porch and watching the sun set.

Nectar of the Vine Summer Flavors

We've taken our favorite fruit flavors of summer and turned them into wine slushy mixes. What better way to enjoy summer flavors than mixed with a little summer fun! At Nectar of the Vine, we have delicious wine slushies & wine slushie recipes that highlight the best bounties of summer. Our mixes are produced with all natural flavors and raw ingredients, including dried fruit flavor, so you can get all the best parts of your favorite summer flavors without the hassle of multiple ingredients. Ditch the simple syrup and multiple juices and enjoy classic and tropical wine slushies with our mixes. Mix any of our flavors with your favorite wine, anything from pinot grigio to a pinot noir. Even add a fresh fruit garnish to create the perfect refreshing cocktail for the summer.


Our lemon burst wine slushy mixes well with chardonnay and can also be used to make a spiked lemonade with flavored vodka. It is the epitome of a summer drink.


Enjoy that sweet blueberry taste with our natural blueberry wine slushy mix that can be made with dry white wine or red wine.

Peach Mango

Enjoy one of summer’s favorite flavor combinations with our peach mango wine slushy mix that will have everyone asking for more! Spruce up your wine glass with a peach slice and enjoy the warmer weather!

Very Berry Raspberry

Taste our “berrylicious” mix that makes a beautiful frozen raspberry drink! Very berry raspberry is a great flavor for a traditional wine slushy or other frozen cocktails. It has everything from a little sweetness to a bit of a tart kick, perfect for a summer brunch.


Our watermelon wine slushie mix pairs well with a dry chardonnay and is the perfect treat for any watermelon fan. Get your fresh watermelon flavor associated with summer BBQs in your frozen wine slushies.

White Peach

White peach is one of our newest flavors, and offers a sweet peach taste that is a classic in every way. The crisp flavor is perfect for your next summer cocktail. Our peach wine slushies are perfect for a white peach frozen sangria.

Wild Cherry

Enjoy the sweetest natural flavors with the wild cherry wine slushie mix. This mix is absolutely delicious and is the perfect way to enjoy the harvests of summertime with your favorite wine.

Order Your Nectar of the Vine Summer Flavors Now

At Nectar of the Vine, we can’t wait for summer to truly roll in! Our array of summer drinks with all natural flavors and simple ingredients are perfect for sitting out in the sun and enjoying the long days full of family and friends. You can enjoy your favorite summer flavors all year round with these mixes, or, on the flip side, add any of your favorite Nectar mixes in with them for a summer wine slushy or cocktail. Beat the summer heat with a refreshing drink.

To order your summer flavors now or see our vast library of tasty drink recipes, then visit Nectar of the Vine today and welcome in the warm weather and summer months the right way.