Nectar of the Vine co-founder Dennis Hart first became involved in the food business back in 1992, when he created European Gourmet Almonds, selling maple sugar and gourmet roasted nuts with his three sons. After many years in the food industry, he and partner (now wife), Carol Nastasi started Nectar of the Vine in 2006, because of their entrepreneurial spirits, energy, and their tastes for fine foods. They wanted to provide a fun, new way for people to enjoy wine. Dennis and Carol are now retirement bound, and while they both still have ties to the day to day operations, they’ve decided to slow down a bit and pass the baton to Carol’s son, Anthony Nastasi.

Anthony graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in Landscape Architecture, a passion of his ever since he was a young man. Following graduation, Anthony worked in the architecture field for nearly 10 years, first in Ohio, then Wisconsin and finally Michigan. While he remains very passionate about architecture, he made the career changing decision to return to Northeast Ohio with his wife and three children, to join the family business in 2015. While the architecture and food industries are vastly different, his experiences as a project manager prepared him for the task at hand. Anthony is beyond excited to build on all the hard work Dennis and Carol started years ago. He recently welcomed his brother Nicholas Nastasi to manage the warehouse functions, and relies heavily on his mother-in-law Connie for other office duties.

Our company is stationed in Burton, Ohio but our entire line of signature Wine Frappés and other gourmet products can be found at events across the country. We have built a wonderful client base at these events and look forward to returning year after year to introduce new flavors. We do not sell our mixes in retail and big box stores but only at events, online, and to smaller boutique shops in an effort to maintain uniqueness.


The inception of a new flavor typically comes from trending mixed cocktails, which we’ll recreate to taste great with wine. To begin a new flavor, our mix starts with an all natural cane sugar base. We then begin adding the raw ingredients, such as dried fruit flavor, and depending on the flavor, there could be up to five different dried fruit products in one mix. Once we feel the ratio is correct, we record the weights and amounts, and test it with the wine. We sample the flavor once it’s mixed and frozen, and yes we do have wine slushy tasting parties! We then collect all the comments from the taste-testers and start the process over until we reach the perfect flavor. This could take several attempts, but the art is getting the right balance of all the flavors.

Once we have just the right mix, we take our recipe to a licensed commercial kitchen and mixing facility. Because we offer a consumable product, the USDA requires us to make our goods in a facility that is licensed and certified. The facility holds certification in Gluten Free, USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project among many others, and has a full traceability and product recall system in place. We take the quality and safety of our products very seriously and pride ourselves on providing the best quality and safest product to our customers. Upon completion of the mixing process, our delicious mixes are brought back home where we individually hand wrap and label each mix.


Anthony Nastasi


Oversees the daily operations and product production, but the hardest job of all is limiting the family bickering!

Nick Nastasi

Warehouse Manager

Manages warehouse operations and monitors everything from product inventory to equipment making sure this bunch has everything they need! His Jack Russell Terrier Mayva is always by his side and she’s known as the office mascot.

Karen Davidson

Marketing and Website Coordinator

The marketing and website guru. She knows all things digital and uses her creative mind to promote our product online. When she is not designing, she enjoys painting, RV camping, and trying new wineries.

Lisa Wilson

Office Manager

Always seeking great new events and keeping the entire crew on the straight and arrow! She is best known for her "Happy Chair Dance" that she does when we get into a new event.

Connie Andrews

Warehouse Administrator

Works alongside Nick with warehouse operations. She's referred to as the office ninja because she stealthily sneaks around the office and is sometimes hard to find.

Stephanie Ewell

Event Coordinator

In charge of rebooking and managing events. When not in the office, you can find her with her family or playing an active part in her community.