We recommend using the frappé mixes within two years of purchase so that you get the best possible quality and taste. While there aren't any ingredients in the mix that technically expire (it's mainly pure cane sugar), once the mix is older than two years, it may not slush up or freeze correctly.

We do have some flavors that are made will all natural ingredients. The Lemon Burst, Cranberry Acai, Chocolate Martini, Wild Cherry, Warm Mulling Spice and Granny's Apple Pie are all natural and contain no artificial ingredients or dyes.

All of our mixes are gluten free except for Funky Caramel Cappuccino, Chocolate Martini, and Eggnog.

Yes. All of our mixes are made with pure cane sugar.

No. All of our frappé mixes are non-alcoholic. They are meant to be mixed with alcohol after you purchase them.

Simply take one bottle of wine and equal parts water, mixed with one bag of our signature frappe mix, stir, freeze and enjoy! See below for liquor mixing instructions. Visit our Recipe section or our How to Make page for more detailed instructions.

All of our flavors go best with a dry wine, as the mixes themselves are sweet. Therefore, using a sweet wine may make the frappé a little too sweet. A dry white wine, like Chardonnay goes best with a majority of our mixes. Some of our flavors taste better with a dry red, like Merlot. Those flavors are Chocolate Martini, Sangria, and Warm Mulling Spice.

Yes, two bottles of wine can be used instead of one bottle of wine and one bottle of water. Just remember, when using this method, the mixture will take a longer to freeze, please allow a minimum of 24 hours to freeze!

Yes! All of our flavors can be mixed with other types of alcohol if you don't like wine. You can use, vodka, champagne, rum, whisky, tequila or any other type you like. Just use 1.5 cups of liquor to 4.5 cups of water, then add the frappé mix. Our Funky Caramel Cappuccino, Pumpkin Spice, and Eggnog flavors should actually not be mixed with wine at all, these flavors go best with rum. Some types of alcohol go better with certain flavors than others. Check out our Recipe section for specific flavor instructions and ideas.

Yes! Instead of adding wine, simply mix the frappé with 48oz of water. It makes a great frozen summer treat for kids! More detailed instructions can be found here.

All of our frappés come in 10 oz. packages and make two quarts (a half gallon) of product. Each bag yields 10 (8 oz.) servings.

Exact freezing time varies, depending on the type of alcohol, the amount of alcohol that was used, the freezer, and the container that was used to store the frappé. If you have a packed freezer, use liquor, or use two bottles of wine, it may take a while for your frappé to freeze. For quickest results, store the mix in a gallon sized freezer Ziploc bag (you can double up if you are worried about leaking). Then once frozen, take it out to thaw, remove that amount you want, and then put any leftovers back into the freezer.

We have a quick Basic Blender Method that works well for parties or events, or if you want your drink in a hurry. Our Basic Blender recipe can be found here. If you're serving these at an event, you can also use a margarita or slushy machine for quick serving.

Yes! Our Mulling Spice, Granny's Apple Pie, Funky Caramel Cappuccino, Pumpkin Pie, and Chocolate Martini flavors can all be served hot. Instead of freezing, mix all the ingredients in a crockpot on low heat, stirring occasionally, until your desired temperature is reached. Head over to our Recipe page and click on your specific flavor for more detailed instructions.

We currently ship all of our orders using USPS Priority Mail or for larger orders, UPS Ground, which takes anywhere from 2-5 business days to receive from the time you place your order. We try to ship out all orders placed before 12pm EST on the same day, but this varies depending on the time of the year and the weather. We ship out of Middlefield, OH, so the closer you are to us the quicker your package will arrive. Please allow an extra 1-2 business days for processing during peak periods and holidays.

The feel of the packages depends on the amount of air in the inner foil package and has nothing to do if the product still good or not. During our bagging process the machine we use to seal our bags tends to remove too much air at times, making it feel almost hard. Don’t worry, once you break the seal, air will refill the pouch and have a consistent powder mix.

Our products can be found in select few boutique shops, small stores, wineries and restaurants throughout the country.

Do you own a small shop, winery, restaurant or similar business and think our product would be a great fit? Click here to contact us to learn more about or wholesale opportunities. Are you interested in traveling and selling our products at events, festivals, and expos? Head over to our contact page for more information and to see current job opportunities.

We participate in over 500 shows throughout the year, and this list is constantly updating and changing, which is why you won't find a list of shows on our website. If you want to know whether we'll be attending an event in your area, head over to our Facebook page and check our list of events, or send us an email with using this form and we'll be happy to let you know!

Yes, we always have some sort of special going on. At events, we offer special event pricing on multiple packages purchased. This deal is exclusive to events, however we will occasionally offer it online. Every month we have a Frappé of the Month special which can be accessed using the provided coupon code. We offer other discounts throughout the month. All specials will be posted on our website or our Facebook page. We sometimes offer Facebook exclusive specials, so make sure to like our page! We also send out one email a week (two if you're a new subscriber) with special offers and updates. If you've never signed up for our email list, new subscribers can get 15% off their first online purchase by signing up here.

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