DIY Wine Cork Craft Ideas

DIY Wine Cork Craft Ideas

Each time you make a wine frappé, you're left with some left over materials such as an empty wine bottle and a wine cork. Instead of throwing those wine corks away, you can use them for DIY projects to decorate your home. Keep reading below for tips on how to use those leftover cork and check back next month to see how you can put those leftover wine bottles to use!

1. Drink Coaster

Made from sliced wine corks, these coasters make a great option for re-using your left over corks. Perfect for home bars, parties, and more. Click here for a tutorial.

2. Bottle Stopper

While you should be using the whole bottle of wine when you make one of our wine slushies, there are certain occasions where you'll need to seal your bottle for later, and these adorable wine cork bottle stoppers will do the trick! The tutorial can be found here.

3. Bird House

This is one of the more extensive projects on the list, but this easy how to video will have you making wine cork birdhouses in no time. Plus we're sure the birds will appreciate it!

4. Cork-board/Message Board

Wine corks and cork boards are made of the same material, so this is one of the more obvious ways to reuse your leftover corks. Give it a personal touch with a custom frame for an eye - pleasing, yet functional, cork board. Detailed instructions can be found here or for a more simpler cork-board check out this link.


5. Photo Clip

Forget spending a ton of money on picture frames, this quick and unique project will allow you to display tons of photos throughout your home. Check out this easy tutorial here.

6. Wall Art

There are a lot of different wine cork wall art options to display in your home, but these are some of our favorites. Add a personal touch to your wall with a wine cork monogram to hang in your home. Check out this simple version here or if you're feeling extra creative, you can make one from scratch following these instructions. In addition to monograms, you could also make this adorable ombre cork heart or this heart frame to hang up or place on a shelf. The possibilities are endless!



7. Decorative Cork Balls

Have some extra room on a table or shelf? Try filling in the space with one of these easy to assemble, decorative cork balls. This project only requires a few ingredients and makes a pleasant addition to any room.

8. Candle Votives

One of the easier projects to on our list, these wine cork candle votives are perfect for decorating or for using as centerpieces during a dinner party. Click here for the easy tutorial.

9. Memory Vase

This craft is perfect for creating and remembering wonderful memories. Check out how to make it here.

10. Necklace Holder Rack

One of our favorites on the list, this necklace holder craft is perfect for saving money and space.

11. Place Card Holder

This simple craft is perfect for weddings, holidays or dinner parties, and Click here for the easy instructions.

12. Wreath

We hope you have a lot of wine corks lying around because this one takes the most out of any of the crafts on the list, however once it's finished, you will be left with a beautiful wreath that can be used all year round. Once completed, add a personal touch with ribbons or your favorite flowers. Design Improvised and Living Savy both have simple, step by step instructions you can easily follow. Pick your favorite design and start crafting!


We want to see your crafts! If you make something on our list, or create a wine cork craft that's not on our list, snap a pic and share it with us on our Facebook page. We can't wait to see your creations!