The Official Drinking Guide to America's Favorite Unofficial Drinking Holidays

The Official Drinking Guide to America's Favorite Unofficial Drinking Holidays

Who doesn't love a good holiday gathering? Not only is it a great excuse to ditch work and hang out with friends, but a prime opportunity to indulge in a little alcohol consumption along the way.

Let's face it, sometimes there's nothing like a great drink to celebrate a special occasion. Here you'll find a breakdown of the most popular holidays in the United States, alongside our recommendations for the perfect alcoholic beverage to enjoy during each.

Super Bowl Sunday

When it occurs: Early February

With the possible exception of apple pie, few things are more American than the Super Bowl and Coca-Cola. That's why our new Natural Cola wine slushy mix combines the best of both worlds to upgrade your favorite drink to a game-ready delight.

Just mix a bag of this bad boy with your favorite Pinot Grigio or Chardonnay to create a frozen rum and coke-inspired alcoholic drink. Then sit back and enjoy an ice-cold wine slushy that even the burliest of linebackers will envy.

Mardi Gras

When it occurs: Mid-February

Whether you plan to celebrate Mardi Gras among the binge-drinking masses of Bourbon Street or from the comfort of your own home, you can't go wrong with our delightful Strawberry daiquiri mix. The little black dress of cocktail mixes, this customer favorite goes with everything.

Dress up your favorite chardonnay as a wine frappé or transform an unassuming shot of rum into a strawberry daiquiri. If you're feeling feisty, you can use your favorite tequila to create the perfect strawberry margarita to sip alongside a festive king cake.

St. Patrick’s Day

When it occurs: March

No one should be caught not wearing green on St. Patrick's Day, not even your favorite alcoholic drink. Luckily, our Wild Sour Apple mix can infuse anything from white wine to vodka with a flavorful green hue.

With all the sweetness and tang of a green sour apple, this versatile mix is sure to create a drink that would make St. Paddy proud. You can even blend it with a wee bit of Irish whisky to produce a sure pub-pleaser.

Cinco de Mayo

When it occurs: May 5

When it comes to Cinco de Mayo holiday drinking, few would argue that the margarita is the undisputed drink of choice. But what if you and Jose Cuervo have had your differences in the past?

Never fear, for our handy Margarita Wine Slushy Mix is here to the rescue. It can transform vodka, chardonnay, or yep, even tequila, into a blender-free margarita smoothie worthy of any Cinco de Mayo holiday party.

Sauvignon Blanc Day

When it occurs: May 6

Get ready to celebrate the best holiday season you never knew existed, as May ushers in the arrival of several delightful wine-themed celebrations! Kick things off with Sauvignon Blanc Day by transforming your favorite dry white wine into a delicious frappé with our Very Berry Raspberry mix.

You might even consider ordering an extra bag or two so you can experiment with other drinks all summer long! You'll discover that it also makes for a next-level frozen margarita when combined with your favorite vodka or tequila.

Pinot Grigio Day

When it occurs: May 17

Don't worry pinot fans, there's a holiday celebration for you too! Our Peach Mango mix is ready to join forces with your favorite bottle of white wine to create a sweet and fruity frozen cocktail that's perfect for summer.

A fan favorite, our Peach Mango mix is great for special events, family gatherings, or summer brunches with friends. Create a wine frappé that's perfect for pairing with pancakes, waffles, or summer nights on the porch.

Chardonnay Day

When it occurs: May 25

Celebrate chardonnay, or any other special occasion for that matter, when you infuse your favorite dry white wine with our Blood Orange drink mix. The sweet yet slightly tart tang offers the perfect balance of bold taste to a crisp chardonnay on a summer day.

It's also got your back on lazy Sundays, as it makes for an amazing blood orange mimosa when mixed with champagne. No matter what drink you use it to create, be sure to pair it with sunscreen, friends, and relaxing days by the water.

National Wine Day

When it occurs: May 25

So many wines, so little time! But don't worry, lest any other wines feel left out, there's even a holiday dedicated to the annual consumption of all wines across the board.

That's why our Totally Naked wine slushy mix is designed to enhance the flavor of your favorite wine, no matter which vintage it may happen to be. Just mix it in and freeze for the perfect wine slushy or mix and throw in a little fruit for some freeze-free fun.

Memorial day

When it occurs: Late May

In the United States, Memorial Day is observed each year to honor the memory of the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Each year, Americans everywhere celebrate with all manner of special events, from parades to BBQs and family gatherings.

Keep your guests cool this summer with frozen wine frappés or hard lemonade made from our refreshing Lemon Burst slushy mix. Or opt for the incredibly versatile Wild Cherry mix, which goes great with anything from chardonnay to rum, vodka, or any other hard liquor.

Fourth of July/Independence Day

When it occurs: July 4

Nothing quite says Independence Day like toasting colorful explosives with an alcoholic beverage! Seriously though, what 4th of July celebration is complete without the sweet temptation of a ripe watermelon?

Take your next get-together to the next level when you combine your favorite dry white wine or liquor with our Frozen Watermelon slushy mix. Simply add chardonnay for a sweet and fruity wine frappé or opt for liquor to create flavorful watermelon margaritas.

Pinot Noir Day

When it occurs: August 18

Just when you think you've run out of excuses for holiday drinking parties, it's red wine to the rescue. Dare to venture beyond your typical drinking habits when you explore the fun of transforming your favorite pinot noir into a Frozen Sangria.

Or explore the possibilities that our Natural Blueberry mix brings to the table. Blend it with a bottle of your favorite red to create a delicious wine frappe, or pull out the vodka to whip up anything from Blueberry Lemonade to Blue Mules.

Labor Day

When it occurs: Early September

Sometimes, the only thing better than a great office party is the chance to escape the office altogether. Spend a day relaxing, stepping on newly crispy leaves, and enjoying a delicious wine slushy made with our refreshing Ginger Limeade mix.

With unique ginger lime flavors, it's sure to turn your favorite chardonnay into a fall-friendly delight. You can even mix it with vodka if you feel your break from this office is particularly overdue.


When it occurs: October 31

Rest assured there's nothing basic about our Pumpkin Spice cocktail mix. This bold mix is designed to infuse your favorite rum with the perfect punch of pumpkin and spice that's sure to be a hit at any Halloween bash.

This mix has plenty of tricks up its sleeve when it comes to dressing up your favorite rum as the perfect hot, frozen, or blended treat. Don't be shy when it comes to busting out all the best fall toppings like whipped cream, cinnamon sugar, and nutmeg.


When it occurs: Third Thursday of November

You're not alone if one of your favorite family Thanksgiving traditions may or may not involve moderate drinking. If you relate, then don't head to your next holiday celebration without two things: a designated driver and our delicious Granny’s Apple Pie cocktail mix.

Destined to stack up to the drinking patterns of the entire family, this fall favorite can transform anything from chardonnay to spiced rum or cinnamon whiskey into a festive holiday treat. Just remember that, much like in-laws, delicious fall cocktails are best enjoyed in moderation.


When it occurs: December 25

Eggnog is one of those mysterious drinks that appear each year around Christmas time and then just as suddenly retreat to the shadows until the next holiday season. Dare to discover just what a treat a cup of 'nog can be this year with our frozen Eggnog cocktail mix.

Or enjoy a 'nog-less special occasion altogether with our all-natural Cranberry Christmas acai frappé. Mix it with a little dry white wine or vodka to provide a great alternative drink that your non-eggnog-loving guests are sure to enjoy.

New Year's Eve

When it occurs: December 31

While New Year's Eve and heavy drinking, unfortunately, tend to go hand in hand, there's no need to go binge drinking in New York City to ring in New Year's Day. Instead, consider curling up by the fire with a tasty Chocolate Martini.

Indulge your sweet tooth when you create a warm, hot-chocolate-style treat with dry red wine or vodka. You can even opt for a frozen or blended option, complete with toppings like chocolate, caramel, or cherries.

Nectar of the Vine Frozen Drink Mixes

Just remember that nothing can ruin any special occasion quicker than a drunk driver. Please ensure that you never hit the road without a sober driver behind the wheel and avoid the negative consequences of excessive alcohol consumption no matter what the occasion!

For more ideas on how to celebrate every holiday season, be sure to check out our full line of products on Nectar of the Vine. Whether you're getting ready to celebrate your 21st birthday or planning an epic Super Bowl Sunday bash, we've got a flavor for every popular holiday and event!